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This is the easiest and fastest way for you to start mining Bitcoins or any other Cryptocurrency today. No need to invest in expensive miner that will only ship in months. Get as much power you need right now. Start mining in minutes.

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You need Bitcoins to make a purchase or just to invest in this new virtual currency. At Bitcoin Quebec you will find the easiest & safest ways to buy, sell or invest in Bitcoins.

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Mining Equipment

If you need GPUs, Power Supplies, GPU Risers, A complete Rig or any other Mining Rig components we are the place you are looking for. We accept Bitcoins for all your purchases.

Who we are?

BitcoinQuébec.ca is a mining group / mining supply store. We build custom rigs and also sell parts and accesories for mining any virtual currency out there. We specialize in GPU mining and we also offer CPU mining equipment.

Our second lines of products are mining contracts that range from 24h to 30 days. This products are perfect for anyone looking to get started in the mining virtual currency world.

We also mine scrypt base such as litecoins, feathercoins, dogecoin and the list goes on, When the rigs we own are not mining for contract sold to customer.

Why use BitcoinQuébec to mine for you over buying you own equipment

  • No maintance fees
  • No Electricity fees
  • 99% uptime guaranteed

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