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    First Smart Virtual Token BTCQ

    BTCQ is the first Smart Virtual Token for Everyone to Earn and Trade

    Total BTCQ Mined : / 25Billion

    Hashes : H / s

    100 BTCQ : 0.01USD

    Earn BTCQ

    BTCQ coin Features

    CPU Protected
    Our Smart Virtual Token can be only created by CPU processing. NO GPU or ASIC chips will ever be able to mine this Token. 100% safe for any computer or mobile divice
    Mobile Friendly
    All of our application and miners are mobile friendly. We can earn, trade and spend your BTCQ coins on any mobile devices
    0% Fees
    This Smart Virtual Token can be traded between BTQC wallets for no 0% fees. No Minimums

    No delays
    When you transfer BTCQ between network members the transfer is done in a few seconds
    Total number of BTCQ coin that will ever be created is 25 billions, this is to insure that coins will be go up in value in the future
    You can always withdraw your BTCQ coins on our website for a predetermined amount of USD, EUR or CAD.